To enable our customers’ long-term success by providing combustion products, systems, and services that achieve optimal productivity, efficiency, and environmental performance. Our global team delivers this with industry-leading expertise and innovative solutions.


Preferred supplier of advanced technology combustion solutions for aluminum, steel, specialty metals, and process heating applications.




The safety of our colleagues and customers is paramount



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We take responsibility for our actions and their outcomes. 



We embrace creativity with disciplined implementation. 



We treat others the way we wish to be treated

Building a Sustainable Future

Sustainability to Bloom means getting more capacity, lower emissions, and reduced operating costs from new and existing furnace assets. Bloom focuses on the reduction of air emissions at their source, not just cleaning exhaust gases with expensive, inefficient, post-combustion systems. Bloom is further committed to conserving and minimizing the use of energy sources that are available today, while giving clients (you) the flexibility and confidence to make efficient use of the energy sources of tomorrow. Ensuring future regulations do not constrain your operations and giving you a competitive advantage in heavily regulated industries are ongoing priorities for us.

Bloom Engineering accomplishes this by having the industry’s most experienced combustion engineering team that knows your application. Our Sales Engineers have gained a deep understanding of our customers’ process needs, and our R&D and Engineering teams develop unique solutions using our proprietary knowledge, custom analytical methods, and extensive capabilities in furnace and combustion simulation and modeling. Key performance parameters are often verified through physical testing in our R&D combustion lab giving you the opportunity to observe operation before installation.

Bloom is unmatched in our ability to provide process guarantees for heating performance, fuel consumption, emissions, and other critical parameters. These guarantees reduce risk to our clients and demonstrate our confidence that both production targets and stringent air permitting requirements will be met, delivering meaningful ESG improvements.

Research and Development Commitment

Bloom Engineering’s Research and Development strategy is one of continual product development and improvement. We recognize the critical importance of maintaining a leading-edge product line, in response to the market demands for reliable, fuel-efficient low emission combustion and control equipment. There is no doubt that the level of Research and Development commitment today determines the successful companies of tomorrow.

Bloom Engineering remains committed to the development and supply of rugged, reliable, practical products. Over the years, we have seen time and again the results of competing equipment that did not meet these fundamental criteria, which invariably results in an unsatisfactory installation. Before we will take a product idea to market, we demand that it be proven in our laboratory. Furthermore, we take the time to analyze whether a new idea will be practical in the plant environment. These guiding principles have allowed us to maintain a leadership role in the markets we serve.

Statement of Quality

As a Bloom Engineering customer, you have assurance that our strongest commitment is to provide you with the highest quality state-of-the-art industrial combustion equipment and products custom designed for your specific furnace and its operating requirements.

Our quality assurance booklet describes this commitment and how it is accomplished through Bloom's employees, organization, and procedures. Our quality assurance program defines the requirements and guidelines for activities affecting component and system quality so that you may be confident that equipment performance will satisfy your specific needs.

Every person throughout the organization is responsible for work performance which accomplishes the necessary quality. Our quality assurance program is administered at the Corporate Management level by the Manager of Operations.