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Combustion Schools

Combustion Schools - Seminars - Training Courses

Combustion Schools - We offer on-site combustion and process training on a per diem basis. Our seminar covers the following topics:

  • Basic principles of combustion science
  • Properties of Gaseous fuels (other fuels at customer discretion)
  • Combustion analysis – by products of combustion, flue gas analysis and combustion efficiency
  • Methods of waste heat recovery
  • Heat transfer and accounting for heat losses (process specific)
  • Fluid flow (pressure losses, interchangeability of gasses, pressure and flow relationships)
  • Different types of fuel burning equipment (pilots and burners)
  • Combustion control systems
  • Fuel – Air ratio control strategies
  • Burner Management systems
  • Methods to maximize energy efficiency (process specific)
  • Hands on training and analysis of customer's heating equipment

 If you are interested in more information about Bloom Engineering's Combustions Schools and Seminars, please contact our Service Manager at: dtoocheck@bloomeng.com