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Heat Treat and Forging

Heat Treat & Forging Industry:

Bloom has supplied hundreds of custom engineered burner systems for every type of heat treatment and forge furnace imaginable. Each system was specifically tailored to the customers’ exact requirements. The Bloom UNI-HEAT® dual velocity, low NOx burner is the heat treating industry workhorse. In addition, Bloom offers regeneratively fired systems to maximize fuel savings. All Bloom systems offer excellent temperature uniformity, and are available for new or retrofit applications.

Bloom and the Forge Industry

Heat Treat & Forging Industry Case Studies
Case Study #1: Bloom 1150-015 LumiFlame® Regenerative Burners

System Description:

Application: Car Bottom Heat Treat Furnace
Number of Burners: 4 pair
Number of Temperature Zones: 4
Burner Capacity: 1.5 MMBtu/hr each
Burner Fuel: Natural Gas
Controls: Bloom
Turndown Control: Pulse Fired
Location: North Carolina
Start-Up Date: Summer, 2001
Reasons For Selecting Bloom’s 1150 Series Burner:

50% fuel reduction versus cold air firing, extremely low NOx emissions, and excellent product temperature uniformity.

Case Study #2: Bloom UNI-HEAT® Burner

System Description:

Application: Car Bottom Furnace
Number of Burners: (8) 1360-024
Number of Temperature Zones: 1
Burner Capacity: 0.625 MMBtuhr
Combustion Air: 100˚F
Jet Air: 900˚F
Burner Fuel: Natural Gas
Air/Fuel Ratio Control: Pressure Balance, 10:1 in Ratio
Controls: Bloom
Location: Pennsylvania
Start-Up Date: 1995
Reasons For Selecting Bloom’s UNI-Heat Burner:

Bloom offered the customer substantial fuel savings to convert from existing tempered flame system to the UNI-HEAT® system. In addition, the customer was so happy with the temperature uniformity on the first retrofit that it only made sense to convert another furnace. The customer originally had 15.7 MM Btu/hr installed on the furnace.

    Frequently Asked Questions

      Question: What temperature uniformity could I expect with a Bloom burner and control system?


      Temperature uniformities of +/- 5˚F are possible depending on the specific application.

      Question: Does Bloom offer a heat treatment solution when a reducing atmosphere is required?


      Yes, typically air is used for the UNI-HEAT® jet, however, for a reducing atmosphere, recirculated products of combustion can be utilized.

      Question: What are the NOx emissions?


      It depends on the burner series, and operating conditions. Bloom feels very confident that our products can meet any current or future NOx requirements. Please contact Bloom for an evaluation of your operating conditions.

      Question: What is Bloom’s recommended method of air to fuel control?


      The UNI-HEAT® burner system will operate with excellent results using a pressure balance system. The small capacity 1150 LumiFlame® regenerative burner is pulse fired at the nominal input.