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Glass Ceramic and Brick

Glass, Ceramic & Brick Industries:

Bloom has extensive and well-documented experience in the sodium silicate/glass industry. Our product lines cover the complete range of heating input from 5.0 MM Btu/hr up to 40 MM Btu/hr. Depending on the particular application and operating conditions, Bloom can offer several different burner options. In addition, Bloom can meet most NOx emission requirements and guarantee it.

Case Studies
Case Study #1: Bloom 1610-030 Burner

System Description:

Application: Sodium Silicate Furnace
Number of Burners: (2) 1610-030 Burners
Number of Temperature Zones: 1
Burner Capacity: 16 MMBtu/hr each
Burner Fuel: Natural Gas
Furnace Temperature: 2300 ˚F
Combustion Air Temperature: 900 ˚F
NOx Emissions Prior to Converting to Bloom 1610 Series Burners 33.6 Tons/Year
NOx Emissions After Converting to Bloom 1610 Series Burners 8.96 Tons/Year
Total NOx Reduction 73.3%
Location: United States
Start-Up Date: August 2000
Reasons For Selecting Bloom’s 1610 Series Burner:

Bloom had the best technical solution as well as Bloom’s willingness to guarantee the NOx emissions to our customer

Bloom Engineering Glass Ceramic and Brick Industry Products:
  • Bloom 1500 Series
  • Bloom 1610 Series with or without Oxygen Enrichment