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Boiler Industry

Boiler Industry:

Bloom Engineering is very excited to offer several burner options for boilers including the 1510/1520 Series Ultra Low NOx Boiler Burner, which is capable of meeting all current and future NOx emissions. The burner is offered in inputs from 2 to over 150 MM Btu/hr, while operating on natural gas, as well as light and heavy oils. The burner can be supplied alone or as a complete package with gas train and controls. Customer demonstrations of the burner are welcome at any time in our 10,000 ft2 development laboratory.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Question: Can the burner internals be installed in an existing windbox?



    Question: How much air pressure is required at the burner?


    The burner is typically sized for 10” W.C. air pressure at the nominal capacity.

    Question: Does the burner require two blowers for exhaust gas recirculation?


    No, a single blower can be used whether operating with or without exhaust gas recirculation.

    Question: What are the NOx emissions?


    Bloom can guarantee 9 PPM NOx corrected to 3% O2 when operating on natural gas. The burner meets all existing NOx regulations, including those in southern California .

    Question: What is Bloom's recommended method of air to fuel control?


    Bloom recommends an electronically linked valve arrangement to maintain low excess air operation throughout the burner operating range.


    A unique benefit to the boiler industry and industrial boiler market is Low excess air operation. Additional features and benefits include:

    • Stable, compact flame even with high levels of FGR.
    • Very low CO even at under 1% O2 due to “fine-grained” mixing.
    • Capable of gas and oil firing.
    • Simple, rugged construction with no moving parts and low maintenance.
    • No devices protruding into the firing chamber.
    • No steam injection required (would reduce system efficiency and could increase fouling).
    • Ultra low NOx can be achieved with cold or preheated air combustion.
    • Turndown of 10/1 for natural gas and 8/1 for oil operation.
    • Gas-only burner does not require staging; results in smaller/less expensive construction.
    • Burner can actually enhance boiler efficiency due to ability to run at very low excess air levels.
    • FGR does not reduce combustion efficiency in boiler application (with proper insulation of return piping).
    • FGR system can be implemented without an additional fan.