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Air Heater Industry

Air Heater Industry:

Bloom has extensive and well-documented experience in the air heater and dryer industry. Bloom has supplied over 400 burners for such applications. Our product lines cover the complete range of heating input from 0.1 MM Btu/hr up to 459 MM Btu/hr. Depending on the particular application and operating conditions, Bloom can offer several options to customize the flame geometry to minimize the chamber size as well as the secondary air blower. In addition, Bloom can meet most NOx emission requirements.

Air Heater Industry Case Studies
Case Study #1: Air Heater – Bloom 1030-057 Burner

System Description:

Application: Air Heater for Drying Kiln
Number of Burners: 1
Number of Temperature Zones: 1
Burner Capacity: 186 MMBtu/hr
Burner Fuel: Natural Gas
Flame Dimensions: 18’ Long x 5 ½’ Diameter
Location: Brazil
Start-Up Date: Fall, 2001
Reasons For Selecting Bloom’s 1030 Series Burner:

Bloom’s burner allowed for all of the primary and secondary air to be introduced through the burner thereby minimizing flame and chamber dimensions and simplifying controls. In addition, Bloom’s 1030 series burner offers good flexibility with ratio control.

Case Study #2: Bloom 1230-020 Burner

System Description:

Application: Air Heater
Number of Burners: 1
Number of Temperature Zones: 1
Burner Capacity: 17.2 MMBtu/hr
Burner Fuel: Natural Gas
NOx Emissions: Less than 10 ppm @ 3% O2
Flame Dimensions: 6’ Long x 2 ½’ Diameter
Location: West Coast USA
Start-Up Date: Spring, 2002
Reasons For Selecting Bloom’s 1230 Series Burner:

Customer required a large capacity burner with NOx emissions less than 30 PPM.

Customer also values Bloom’s service and technical experience in the industry.

Bloom Engineering Air Heater Industry Products:
  • Bloom 1230 Series Burner
  • Bloom 1030 Series Large Capacity FTR Burner
  • Bloom 1020 Series FTR Burner
  • Bloom 1460 Series Small Capacity Burner
    Frequently Asked Questions

      Question: What is the flame length for a given capacity?


      It depends on burner capacity, and excess air. However Bloom has the ability to modify our baffle designs to make the flame fit into any chamber.

      Question: How much air pressure is required at the burner?


      It depends on burner series, but typically air pressure at the burner is between 4” WC and 12” WC.

      Question: How much excess air can I run through the burner for a given fuel?


      It depends on the burner series and fuel type. For 1460 Series burners customers can run up to 800% excess air. On 1230 series burners the excess air requirements are 40% through 60%. On 1030 Series burners on natural gas and #2 oil the burner can handle up to 300% excess air.

      Question: What are the NOx emissions?


      It depends on the burner series, fuel, excess air, and chamber temperature. However, Bloom can meet any NOx emission requirement. Bloom’s 1230 series can achieve single digit ppm of NOx. Other series burners produce anywhere from 30 ppm to 80 ppm.

      Question: What is Bloom's recommended method of air to fuel control?


      Depending on the burner series, but in most cases either volumetric, pressure balance or tempered flame operation is acceptable.