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Combustion Control Systems | Controls

Bloom's Control Engineering Group provides complete combustion control solutions from concept through design and build, commissioning, training, and follow-up support. A wide variety of standard and custom-designed combustion control systems can be furnished to suit the customers' requirements.

*NEW* IntelligenTM Combustion Control System

Provides intelligent control for Regenerative Combustion Systems

  • Increase Production
  • Improve Fuel Efficiency
  • Reduce Electricity Usage
  • Minimize Material Loss
  • Decrease Maintenance

Why Buy Combustion Controls Through Bloom?

Although there are many places to buy a panel, a combustion control system requires detailed application knowledge of the furnace operation and interaction with the burner system. With today's demands for high efficiency, low emissions and maximum productivity, a well-engineered control system can pay for itself many times over.

Bloom conducts complete functional testing of hardware and software prior to shipment. These considerations greatly reduce field commissioning time and enhance long-term reliability.

Bloom’s combustion design philosophy takes into account the harsh realities of furnace control environmental factors such as temperature, dust, vibration and electrical noise.

Combustion Control Equipment

Various combustion control system configurations from simple parallel-positioning control up through multi-zone mass flow arrangements can be furnished using a variety of hardware and software solutions. Typical/recent systems have included:

  • Allen Bradley entire Logix family of PLC's
  • Siemens S7
  • GE Pac
  • Honeywell HC900 Hybrid Controllers
  • Siemens LMV51 Burner Management System
  • RSView™
  • iFix™
  • WonderWare™
  • Win CC™
Various :
  • Flame Safeguards from leading manufacturers

    Bloom has provided the following systems configurations:

  • Centralized or Distributed
  • Ethernet, Control Net, Device Net, Modbus or Profibus communications
  • Redundant
  • Hazardous Location
  • Heater Helper™ Level 2 supervisory control for reheat furnaces
  • DynaTune™ adaptive fuel-air ratio control

Combustion Controls | Safety and Reliability

With safety and reliability as primary system design considerations, Bloom combustion control packages are available to meet industry-accepted codes and standards including:

  • NFPA85 (boilers)
  • NFPA86 (furnaces)
  • Factory Mutual
  • GE GAP Services (formerly IRI)
  • CSD-1