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Regenerative Burners


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Regenerative Burner Overview

Regenerative Burner Spare Parts


Regeneration uses a pair of burners which cycle to alternately heat the combustion air or recover and store the heat from the furnace exhaust gases. When one regenerative burner is firing, the other is exhausting the furnace gases. Exhaust gases pass through the regenerative burner body and into a media case which contains refractory material. The refractory media is heated by the exhaust gases, thus recovering and storing energy from the flue products. When the media bed is fully heated, the regenerative burner currently firing is turned off and begins to exhaust the flue products. The regenerative burner with the hot media bed begins firing. Combustion air passes through the media bed and is heated by the hot refractory. Air preheat temperatures within 300°F (150°C) of the furnace exhaust gasses are achieved resulting in exceptionally high thermal efficiency.

Regenerative Burners Achieve:

  • Combustion efficiency previously unattainable.
  • Increased production from existing facilities.
  • Smaller furnaces in new installations.
  • Reduced emissions of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.
  • With Bloom's patented designs, lower NOx emissions than with recuperative or even cold air approaches.

Bloom Engineering is Your BEST Regenerative Burner Option because:

  • Bloom is the world-leader in low NO, technology.
  • Bloom's unique baffle burner design has proven its reliability and performance over decades of use.
  • Bloom's burner is stable from cold start-up to nominal operation and through an extensive turndown range.
  • Bloom's patented control technology maximizes combustion efficiency and minimizes environmental impact.
  • Bloom will custom engineer for your specific requirements.


Bloom's Low and Ultran Low NOxTM direct fired regenerative burners are custom engineered for the application. Custom media case arrangements and configurations are available to meet individual requirements. Media case configurations available include round, square and various rectangular arrangements. Regenerative systems use the Bloom refractory baffle for stabilization and flame geometry control. The baffle stabilizes the flame on cold startups and provides a full range of capabilities to control NOx.


Bloom's direct spark ignited pilots are used. Each burner has individual UV detectors for the pilot and main flames and a single flame relay. The UV detectors are interrupted electronically at transfer to permit compliance with NFPA and IRI requirements.


Bloom custom engineers the system to meet customer needs. Bloom offers a single air products of combustion POC connection to the media case which minimizes piping congestion around the furnace. A transfer box or special tee with 90" butterfly valves to divert air and POC through this interconnection is required. With the single connection, the mass of piping between the transfer valve and the regenerator acts as regenerator media. Multiple connection cases are available as required to satisfy the application.


The nominal regenerator burner size provides for up to a 40 second cycle. Media cases and media quantities to extend the cycle time to 90 seconds are options.


The heart of the Bloom regenerative burner control system is an industrial programmable logic controller (PLC). Bloom Engineering utilizes the latest available control designs from a variety of manufacturers to provide the most flexible firing and sequence control available. Bloom's custom engineered sequence control software offers regenerative burner systems that can fire either on-ratio, excess air, or pulsed combustion. The method of burner firing is usually dictated by the application. Quite often combinations of firing schemes provide the greatest burner flexibility.


Bloom's patented Low and Ultran Low NO, baffle burners, combined with exhaust gas recirculation, provide exceptionally low NO, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide emissions. Bloom's LumiFlamea series of burners requires no external exhaust gas recirculation for NO, control. Because of the high efficiency, carbon dioxide is nearly cut in half and total NO, to the atmosphere per unit of product produced is often lower than any other combustion approach including cold air. All of this is achieved without any deterioration in carbon monoxide performance.


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