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Radiant Tube Burners

Radiant Tube Burners

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Galvanizing Line Burner Selection Guide

The objective of the radiant tube burner is to transfer heat from combustion gases to the radiant tube and then radiate the energy to the load. Radiant tube burners are used in specific heating processes where combustion products cannot come in contact with the load or material. Radiant tube burners are an indirect heating burner meaning the heat is transferred without any direct flame or combustion exhaust. Radiant tube burner systems are designed to reduce nitrous oxide in the burner process. Radiant tube burners include a flue gas recirculating assembly designed to reduce NOx emissions.

Typical Applications

  • Batch annealing
  • Continuous annealing
  • Continuous galvanizing
  • Continuous strip
  • Heat treating
  • Liquid bath
  • Roller hearth
  • Soaking

Features Bloom Offers

  • Most rugged construction
  • Highest thermal efficiency
  • Lowest NOx
  • Excellent tube temperature uniformity
  • Custom design capabilities which are laboratory verified

Special and Associated Products

  • 1720 Cold air and 1730 hot air series direct fired burners for preheater
  • Bloom 2390 Series regenerative radiant tube burners featuring
  • Bloom 2330 Series eductors for suction type radiant tube
  • Bloom 2460 Series self-recuperative burners for Double-P shaped tubes

Galvanizing Line Burner Selection Guide

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