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Low Temperature Regen

Low Temperature Regenerative (LTRTM) Combustion System

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The Low Temperature Regenerative (LTRTM) heat recovery system was developed for continuous or batch furnaces with a variety of burner configurations, control zones and operating temperatures up to approximately 1600°F (871°C), where maximum heat transfer and burner efficiency is required. Today, the most common device for energy savings in process/heat applications is a metallic recuperator. The LTR™ system is a more thermally efficient alternative to using a recuperator. 

Bloom Engineering’s coupled Regenerative burner technology has proven successful for more than two decades. Combine this with demonstrated LTRTM field installation results and you have an exciting new cost-saving solution.


The purpose of the LTRTM System is to provide heat recovery in low temperature processes at a level that produces a payback suitable for the level of investment.

In general, the devices curently available for heat recovery in these process are metallic recuperators. Typically, these types of recuperators provide an average air preheat equal to 50% of the incoming flue gas temperature.

The Bloom LTRTM system is designed to provide a significantly greater air preheat, up to 90% of the incoming flue gas temperature, compared to the recuperative systems. The air preheat can be within 50˚C of the flue temperature
and fuel savings up to 25% are possible.


General Schematic - LTR Combustion System