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Ladle, Tundish Stations

Ladle, Tundish & Nozzle Heating & Drying Stations

Prepackaged Heating and Drying Stations

Bloom Engineering Company, Inc. supplies a complete line of packaged heating and drying stations for tundish, nozzle and horizontal and vertical ladle applications. Shop testing ensures minimum start-up time. Each unit is custom engineered for the application's needs. To meet specific application requirements Bloom uses a variety of burners ranging from regenerative and adjustableVertical ladle heating station flame types to conventional and premix designs. For energy saving hot air applications either recuperative or regenerative equipment is available.

Firing wall construction consists of soft refractory modules backed and surrounded by steel and structural members. The refractory is chosen for its low heat loss and low heat storage characteristics. A suitable temperature safety factor for the refractory material (2400oF of service factor for 2000oF of to 2200oF of operation) ensures minimum maintenance. Stud-welding the modules to the fire wall's steel back enables future maintenance to be completed easily.

The ladle stations generally use a programmable controller and pressure balance regulation for controlling air fuel ratio and the temperature cycle. Direct spark or pilot ignition and flame detection are used.

Bloom units are pre-piped and pre-wired with the regulators, controller, flame monitoring equipment, fan, valves, components and piping mounted either in a freestanding rack or on an integral platform depending upon the type of station being supplied. Direct refractory temperature control is an available option. Every Bloom station features the rugged construction required for long life in a demanding environment. Each unit is shipped pre-assembled within transportation restrictions. In general, only the upper section of the firewall is shipped loose. To the extent possible, items shipped loose utilize bolts rather than welding for final assembly.

Although natural gas is most common, any gaseous fuel with a Btu content per cubic foot of 500 or more is suitable. Bloom burners for operation with liquid commercial or by-product fuels through No.6 oil and tar are available. Bloom Engineering Company, Inc. offers the complete package including all required design, equipment, accessories and start-up service. Burners and components designed for easy retrofit to existing systems or for new systems are also available. These can be supplied with all necessary engineering, application advice and start-up service included. Bloom uses readily available commercial components and, as an option, will adapt the standard system to comply with special customer needs and preferences. Maintenance, restoration, modernization and upgrade services for existing stations are performed in Bloom's Pittsburgh manufacturing facility.


Ladle Cover & Tundish Application Images