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Direct Fired Burners

Typical Applications

  • Air heaters, direct fired
  • Anneal, coat, dry
  • Batch heat treat
  • Batch annealing
  • Car type heat treat
  • Continuous reheat
  • Continuous strip
  • Forge
  • Galvanizing
  • Glass bending
  • Glass melting
  • Heat treating
  • Incinerators
  • Kilns
  • Ladle drying
  • Ladle heating
  • Melters and holders
  • Plate heat treating
  • Recirculating furnaces
  • Roller hearth
  • Sinter hoods
  • Tube reheating
  • Tube upsetting
  • Tundish drying
  • Tundish heating

Why Choose Bloom Direct Fired Burners ?

  • Lowest NOX and CO emissions.
  • Lowest maintenance.
  • Most dependable.
  • Most rugged construction.
  • Custom design for special conditions which are laboratory verified.
  • Best application experience.

Special Interest & Related Products

  • Direct fired burners for strip heating applications. Bloom 1720 Series (cold air) and 1730 Series (hot air) burners
  • Higher input burners ideal for boilers, air heaters, thermal oxidizers and many other applications. Burners are designed for a very wide range of liquid and gaseous fuels and wide range of air/fuel ratios.
  • Bloom 1360 SeriesUni-Heat® burners for heat treating applications where best temperature uniformity, lowest fuel use and shortest cycles are required.
  • Fuel Energy burners for luminous, well directed flames from nominal to 15/1 turndown on ratio for aluminum melting and many other applications.
  • Flare stack burners and ignition systems to thermally oxidize waste gas before exhausting. Capacities to over 85000 scfm and producing exceptionally low CO emissions
  • Bloom 2450 Series self-recuperative burners use a recuperator that is integral to the burner to preheat the incoming combustion air

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