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Bloom Burner Numbering System

Spare Parts and Replacement parts are available for virtually all industrial burners and combustion systems supplied by Bloom Engineering in the past 50 years. Spare and replacement parts are manufactured to original dimensions and tolerances to ensure performance is maintained.

Spare parts support for every Bloom burner installation ever supplied insures original quality and performance, which is important because small tolerance variations can affect thermal and NOx performance. For example, an improperly made HTR burner block reduces radiant heat transfer and can destroy the burner's nozzle.


Customers that use the Repair/Rebuild Program, on average, save more than 50% on the price of a new burner or valve!!


Furnace performance suffers from burners that are extensively damaged by splashing hot metal, extended wear, or accidental impact from mobile equipment. The burners can often be remanufactured to original standards