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About Bloom

Bloom Engineering | Company Information

Bloom Engineering, is a combustion oriented company headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, serving basic industry with global energy and environmental solutions. The Bloom family of companies specializes in problem solving through custom engineering of industrial burners, combustion systems, controls, and refractory products.

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To enable our customers' long-term success by providing combustion products, systems, and services that achieve optimal productivity, efficiency, and environmental performance.  Our global team delivers this with industry-leading expertise and innovative solutions.



Preferred supplier of advanced technology combustion solutions for aluminium, steel, specialty metals, and process heating applications



  • Safety: The safety of our colleagues and customers is paramount
  • Integrity: We do the right thing
  • Accountability: We take responsibility for our actions and their outcomes
  • Innovation: We embrace creativity with disciplined implementation
  • Respect: We treat others the way we wish to be treated


Fred S. Bloom founded his company in 1934 with the belief that there was a dire need for improved industrial combustion products. His immediate areas of concern were safety, efficiency and production capabilities. From the early days, Mr. Bloom led the way in product technology, as well as quantitative furnace analysis techniques. Bloom Engineering research and development personnel have been granted more than 65 US Patents for advances in combustion and furnace technology. Several new patent applications are currently pending in the field of Ultra Low NOx combustion.

Research & Development Commitment

Bloom’s Research and Development strategy is one of continual product development and improvement. We recognize the critical importance of maintaining a leading-edge product line, in response to the market demands for reliable, fuel-efficient low emission combustion and control equipment. There is no doubt that the level of Research and Development commitment today determines the successful companies of tomorrow.

Bloom remains committed to the development and supply of rugged, reliable, practical products. Over the years, we have seen time and again the results of competing equipment that did not meet these fundamental criteria, which invariably results in an unsatisfactory installation. Before we will take a product idea to market, we demand that it be proven in our laboratory. Furthermore, we take the time to analyze whether a new idea will be practical in the plant environment. These guiding principles have allowed us to maintain a leadership role in the markets we serve.

Bloom Engineering Company History

Bloom Engineering, founded in 1934, serves the world market through its Pittsburgh headquarters, wholly owned subsidiaries operating in Europe, license partners and a worldwide network of sales offices and representatives. Bloom Engineering, a combustion oriented company, serves basic industry with particularly strong roots in steel and aluminum.

Over forty years ago, Bloom developed the unique baffle burner concept which is still applied to its large, and many of its smaller, direct fired burners. Bloom's modern recuperative radiant tube burner has its origins in the early 1950s.

Complementary products including controls, valves, prefabricated pipe racks, ladle and tundish heating and drying stations and related combustion equipment coupled with modern manufacturing facilities and an extensive research and development complex provide diversity and support to the core business. Repair, maintenance, burner upgrade and equipment remanufacture services offered by Bloom's shop insures original quality and lower overall costs while increasing craft labor availability at the customer's plant.

Most of the world recognizes the necessity of reducing NOx emissions. Although most of Bloom's original burners were inherently low NOx designs, modifications have lowered emissions even further to meet the challenges presented by clean air requirements making Bloom a world leader in this technology. With the development of regenerative burners, Bloom's low NOx baffle innovations successfully solved the challenges presented by regeneration's high temperature combustion air characteristics. To meet radiant tube burner users' improved air quality requirements, Bloom implemented creative design changes.

Bloom demands that burner innovations reach the market with uncompromised thermal performance and the ability to use a wide range of fuels, which usually includes oil. Bloom strengthens its historical reputation for low carbon monoxide emission leadership and rugged construction with each new offering.

Other Bloom refractory products include preformed ports to reduce furnace rebuilding time. Additional value accrues to the customer through Bloom's unequalled field and support service.

Professional Organizations

Bloom Engineering and its employees belong to several professional organizations in order to stay on top of developments and trends in our core industries.  We are able to enhance our network by working together with similar companies to Bloom.

Corporate Memberships:

IHEA - Industrial Heating Equipment Assocation

The Aluminum Association

AFRC - American Flame Research Committee of IFRF

BROWZ - Supplier Qualification and Management

FIA - Forging Industry Association

Employee Memberships:

AIST - Association for Iron & Steel Technology

ASM International - American Society of Metals

Bloom Engineering Company | Statement of Quality

As a Bloom Engineering customer you have an assurance that our strongest commitment is to provide you with the highest quality state-of-art industrial combustion equipment and products custom designed for your specific furnace and its operating requirements.

Our quality assurance booklet describes this commitment and how it is accomplished through Bloom's employees, organization and procedures. Our quality assurance program defines the requirements and guidelines for activities affecting component and system quality so that you may be confident that equipment performance will satisfy your specific needs.

Every person throughout the organization is responsible for work performance which accomplishes the necessary quality. Our quality assurance program is administered at the Corporate Management level by the Manager of Operations.

Your comments concerning Bloom's performance and our quality assurance program are encouraged.